May Schedule

A group of Deep Ones swim creepily towards the shore of Innsmouth at night. It's raining heavily and the moon shows from behind clouds.

What are we playing this month?

May 7, 2017Mysteries of the Ninth World 19: The Best Laid Plans…
The party needs to pull of a heist in order to get the information on their next step. However, reality keeps interrupting their perfect plans.

May 14, 2017 – Mysteries of the Ninth World 20: Grand Theft Numenera
As the heist begins, the party finds that security might be better then expected.

May 21, 2017Mysteries of the Ninth World 21: The Esoteric Order of Dagon
The party travels to a new reality to retrieve a book. Should be easy, right?

May 28, 2017Mysteries of the Ninth World 22: BTW I’m Debilitated
Escaping from Innsmouth is a little more complicated then expected.

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