What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Eclipse Phase 2e
I’ve only gotten to play Eclipse Phase a handful of times, but I really love the world and especially the resleeving. There’s so many cool morphs that you can play as, and it’s really cool to be able to swap into a new one when you need to. This new edition promises that character creation will be faster, which is great news, I used a pre-gen when we played and I’d love to be able to customize my character more. They’ve also updated the gameplay to make it work a lot smoother, and streamlined resleeving to make it easier to swap morphs. I’m hoping with this edition I’ll finally be able to play as an octomorph. Most of the setting material from the first edition will still be compatible, so your collection won’t go to waste.

“Eclipse Phase is the game of transhuman survival. Technology puts the tools to defeat death, emancipate from need, and reshape bodies and minds in the hands of everyone, but it also provides the means for oppression and mass destruction. After losing Earth in a war with AIs, transhumanity disperses throughout the solar system and beyond, struggling to survive. In a typical Eclipse Phase game, characters belong to Firewall, a secret, cross-faction organization that protects transhumanity from extinction threats. Alternate campaigns involve traversing the mysterious Pandora gates to explore extrasolar worlds or navigating the treacherous terrain of high-tech criminal cartels.”

The White Box: A Game Design Workship in a Box
If you’ve ever had an idea about a board game, this is kit is for you. The White Box contains books to help you create your game, as well as game pieces to help you play it as you develop the game. I’ve never tried it, but developing a game seems like a pretty daunting task, so having a great, compact resource like this seems like a great investment in building your own game, especially at only $30. If you don’t want all the components, you can just get the PDFs on game design.

“It contains a book of 18 essays on game design and production, covering subjects like where to find a great concept, how to use randomness, what to ask playtesters, and whether it’s wise to self-publish. It includes an abundance of components to get you started right away, from cubes and meeples to dice, discs, and chits.

Maybe you have a golden idea inside you burning to come out. Maybe you want to tell a story or explore a problem. Do you dream of seeing your name on a box at your local game store? Or perhaps you see game design as a path to fame, fortune, and a satisfying career. The White Box is for aspiring professionals, creative young people, and literally anyone who’s ever wanted to build their own game without having to plunder their game library for bits. If you believe creating games is awesome, The White Box is for you.”

The Book of Contemporary Things
I’ve been really excited by everything Stygian Fox Publishing has put out, and this new project is no exception. The Book of Contemporary Things is a collection of magic items for your modern horror, fantasy, and supers games. I can see this helping out GMs in a variety of systems, and the items have ten levels of powerfulness, so you can find things that will work in the world you build. I think they’d be really great to pull in to Cypher games especially, whether as oddities, cyphers, or artifacts.

“The Book of Contemporary Magical Things is 100 pages of modern, seemingly mundane, items that are imbued with magical power. Some are quite minor; A tuning fork that will quiet a room, a pair of cuff links that tell you the name and family details of those with whom you shake hands, a set of polyhedral dice that temporarily change the fortune of the roller, but some are spectacular, or dangerously malevolent. From minor items to Earth shattering forces, these items are there for you to use as a Gamesmaster in your modern, horror, or superhero campaigns.”

Sigil & Sign
In this RPG you aren’t hunting down the cultists, you are the cultists. There’s a lot of people working with the development of this game that put out things that I love, like Dennis Detwiller and Greg Stolze. It seems like a very interesting and dark game, and they’re really pulling out all the stops on quality in getting it to the backers. The books look like they will be gorgeous. The character sheets are cards, which makes it easy to swap out parts and reference specific abilities. That makes me a little nervous about trying to play the game online, but where there’s a will, there’s a way!

“Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign is a roleplaying game that challenges some of the more traditional conventions of the hobby. In this RPG you assume the role of the cultist, servant, cast-off, or misbegotten child of the Old Ones. In this game you are of the Mythos. In Sigil & Sign, you are not the all-too-ordinary human. You are the Outsider.

From Great Cthulhu to the King in Yellow, from the Crawling Chaos to the Black Goat, they are the Old Ones… and they are no myth. They were here on Earth long before the rise of civilized Man, and some — maybe even all, depending who you ask — never left at all. Something keeps the Old Ones’ interest tethered to our planet, and for those people who simply want left to live their ordinary lives in peace, the baleful aims of such entities can only portend doom. You are not one of those people. As an Outsider, you are caught between two worlds: the mundane world of humankind and the dark and alien world of the Mythos.”

The Adventurer’s Kit
There have been so many luxury gaming accessories on Kickstarter, and it pains me to show off another one I can’t afford. The Adventurer’s Kit is a modular case for you to keep all of your gaming gear in, including dice, cards, pencils, miniatures, your phone charger, and whatever else you may need. It’s versatility lets you swap out the brackets to make it perfect for whatever you need at the moment. The case is wrapped in dragon hide, and can also be used as a dice roller when you get where you’re going. If you play in a lot of strange places, or just need a great way to get your stuff from home to table, this case is something for you!

“Tabletop RPGs have many bits and pieces. And there isn’t a good way to hold everything in one place that is good looking, convenient, and has an active role in the gameplay, right? WRONG! It’s the Adventurer’s Kit.

Question: So what does it do exactly? Better Question: What does it NOT do?”

If you’re playing a game with miniatures it’s easy enough to plop down some enemies in your dungeon. But miniatures also allow you to set a scene, and TerrainCrate will let you fill that scene with props like tables, mine equipment, bookshelves, candles, treasure, debris, fences, campfires, barrels, and more so that you can set the scene just the way you want. The figures are plastic, so they’re more durable

“Created by Mantic Games, the brains behind the hugely popular BattleZones modular terrain and tabletop games – including The Walking Dead: All Out War, Kings of War and Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest- TerrainCrate is a new range of incredibly detailed, pre-assembled, plastic scenery to create your perfect custom dungeon or battlefield.

Each piece comes in coloured plastic, so you can instantly take them out the box and place them on your gaming table, ready to play. Whether you’re exploring a mysterious dungeon, visiting a medieval town or fighting it out on the fields of battle, TerrainCrate brings your tabletop to life.”

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