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Innsmouth: A Joseph Hoffine Photograph
This kickstarter is going to help make an awesome Lovecraft picture, with a lot of makeup and practical effects.

“INNSMOUTH is ultimately a photography project, the latest of many by renowned Horror photographer JOSHUA HOFFINE. The subject of INNSMOUTH is taken from H. P. LOVECRAFT’s 1931 tale The Shadow over Innsmouth. In this story a young man decides to visit a decrepit seaside town named Innsmouth and is unexpectedly trapped overnight, facing a terrifying encounter with the townsfolk who all belong to an aquatic-god-worshipping cult of mutant fish people.

JOSHUA’s goal is to capture this terror in one stunningly horrifying photograph.

The photograph will be composed of an Innsmouth street with the human protagonist of the story surrounded by transformed mutant townsfolk and Deep Ones. As a special treat, the amazing actor DOUG JONES has signed on to play the part of the human protagonist in this photograph.”


Perilous Journeys
We’re going to start delving into Dungeon World on TRF, and this supplement looks a cool way to add some more options to the campaign.

“After the success of my previous Kickstarter, I polled my backers to see what they wanted me to do next, and the response was overwhelmingly in favor of a set of rules, tools, and tips for exploration and adventure in the wilderness. Perilous Journeys is the result of me taking that mandate to heart and seeing how far I can run with it.

Perilous Journeys is my attempt to combine Dungeon World’s approach to collaborative world-building with the old-school RPG reliance on random tables to generate content on the fly, woven together by modifications to the original Dungeon World travel moves. The main differences between the use of tables in Perilous Journeys and their use in older RPGs is an emphasis on exploration and discovery over combat encounters, and the baked-in methodology of using randomized results as prompts rather than facts, to be interpreted during play.”


I really love the flat profile of this USB charger. I like not needing to have a converter to plug the USB cable in, but it can be awkward to have them sticking straight out. Plus this one is super easy to install.

“With custom-built components engineered to fit entirely inside the cover plate, it’s the sleekest, most low profile charger around. Its slim design allows furniture to be positioned snug against the wall. The side access to the charging port enables you to plug your USB cables in with no hassle. Unlike plug-in adapters that get shuffled around from room to room (and eventually lost), the SnapPower Charger is securely screwed to the outlet and always there when you need it.”


The Cthulhu Breakfast Club
“The Cthulhu Breakfast Club is a magazine format podcast show from the creators of Yog Radio and The Silver Lodge. We cover all things Lovecraftiana, games and more while in the genteel surroundings of an English Tearoom in Baildon, Yorkshire.

This Kickstarter has been created for the very specific purpose of acquiring three additional wireless mic kits (we already have two of the necessary five – Sennheiser EW 112-P G3 GB systems). These will give the show much more audio clarity for our listeners (to be more easily audible above the general hubbub of a live working environment).”


Still active!

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