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The Mysterious Package Company
This looks really cool. I’d never heard of the company before, and receiving mystery packages in the mail sounds like a great surprise. The mysterious items you will get seem genuinely creative and evocative.

“For several years we at The Mysterious Package Company have turned the daily trip to the mailbox into an adventure by providing unique mysteries by traditional mail. These packages tell amazing stories in multiple chapters—each arriving weeks apart—and together they place the recipient at the centre of the narrative, with customized newspaper articles, diary pages, lab notes, photographs, and so forth, often referencing long-lost (or non-existent) relatives.

These adventures culminate in a handmade wooden crate that has been nailed shut. Within, a custom-crafted artifact acts as the touchstone for the experience, a centerpiece that will spark the telling and retelling of the unexpected sequence of events that began with a single simple letter.

We pay extraordinary attention to the details of each experience, right down to the forged postmark on each letter and how the paper is aged. We include real history in the story, which lends authenticity to the experience, disguising where reality ends and the fiction begins.”


Beast: The Primordial
Beast: The Primordial is the newest game from White Wolf. This kickstarter is to get nice editions of the hardcovers, the game is coming out no matter what.

“In Beast: the Primordial, you take the role of one of the Begotten, descendants of an ancient nightmare creature called the Dark Mother. Beasts view each other — and the other supernatural creatures of the World of Darkness — as family, which means that Beast is explicitly designed to be crossover-friendly, both in terms of game mechanics and setting.

Beware, though. Just because the Begotten see the vampires, werewolves, mages, changelings, and mummies as kin, doesn’t mean the feeling is mutual.”


Elite Gaming Tokens
We don’t get a lot of chances to play in person, but tokens like these will help keep track of all the possible conditions that can come up in the game.

“Whether it is a deep game of tactical brilliance or just a good time with friends, people enjoy a visually appealing gaming experience. Not long ago we at Broken Egg Games starting producing ways to enhance our very own table tops with tools to help keep our games clean and most importantly, FUN! We believe all gamers have put a hearty time investment into their own miniatures and board games just like us and are looking for high quality tokens to match. With a “can do” attitude and some wonderful luck when flipping through our contacts, we found the people and tools to bring our concepts of an epic range of the high quality tokens: The Elite Gaming Tokens to life!”


New Riyera Fantasy Novel: The Death of Dulgath
Aser got me to listen to the first book in this series with him, and I really loved the main characters and am excited to see new adventures in the books.

“This project marks my 29th novel and the 9th featuring Hadrian Blackwater (an idealistic ex-mercenary) and Royce Melborn (a cynical thief). It’s also my second Kickstarter. I’ve created it to provide hardcover copies (and hopefully distribution through bookstores and libraries). Although this Kickstarter is being used to fund the hardcover print run, you can receive the story in all kinds of formats including ebooks and trade paperbacks.”


Lady of Innsmouth
A cool statue of a Lady of Innsmouth

“I have a real love of taking things which are often considered ugly or creepy and finding the beauty in them. In H.P. Lovecraft’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth the residents of Innsmouth are described as being ugly and fish-like with strange unblinking eyes. They are disliked and distrusted by outsiders mostly because they are different. I wanted to take that rough description and create how maybe one of the Innsmouth folk looked as she started transforming into her aquatic self before joining her family below Devil’s Reef.”


Still active!

Calamityware Dinner Plate 6
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Part Time Gods: Fate Conversion
Saiqlo Dice
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