What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Autumn Cthulhu: An Anthology
I love autumn, so this collection definitely caught my eye. There’s a great collection of authors who are writing Mythos inspired tales with the themes of autumn entwined. They’re also making an exclusive coin to accompany the book!

Cover of the book showing Cthulhu emerging in the background with an autumn tree in the foreground

“Autumn Cthulhu is a new fiction anthology featuring original tales of Lovecraftian horror set in the fall, published by Lovecraft eZine Press! I’ve been fascinated by autumn and Halloween since the age of six. I discovered Lovecraft much later… and ever since, I have felt that cosmic horror was a natural fit for this time of year. Colorful falling leaves, crisp days, rainy afternoons and evenings. A time of endings and melancholy.”

Fifty Fantastic Functions for the d50
In case you ever decided your standard polyhedral set, you have a limited time to pick up a d50! I like that they’re also including fifty tables for you to roll on with your new dice for encounters. It probably won’t be something that you use often, but it will definitely be an awesome addition to your collection.

One d50

“This Kickstarter is a limited-time-offer to fund the creation of a 112-page book of uses for the 50-sided die, to be shipped with said 50-sided die. It’s a very niche product for a pretty specific use so hey…we hope this works.”


The Kraken Mug
This is a beautiful mug, I really love the woodblock print. Plus who doesn’t need more krakens in their life?

A woman wearing an octopus on her head so the tentacles look like hair sips from a mug with a kraken attacking a ship.

“This beautifully crafted ceramic mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Adorned with subtle speckled glaze, and a stylized graphic of the Kraken I created to compliment everything about this mug. All details are in place, samples are approved, and we are ready for production. We couldn’t be more stoked, all we need is the funding.”


Cthulhu Idol
If you need an actual idol to help live out your Call of Cthulhu dreams (nightmares?), we’ve got you covered. This actually seems to be a way to push a game that I’ve featured before, but the idol is pretty awesome.

Profile and back view of the hunched idol.

“The 125th anniversary of the birth of HP Lovecraft is ending, and we don’t want to say goodbye to this special event without giving a tribute with this awesome Cthulhu Idol. And it comes with “The Writer” a playing cards game that we currently have in production, and we take this opportunity to increase the print run of the game for those fans who missed the original campaign.

The idol is 145x85x95mm and has been scuplted by the talented artist Marty of Monster Box, it’s hand casted and hand painted. The idol will be numbered at the bottom.”


Cubble Dice
These dice remind me of a previous kickstarter, but they are really fun to look at. They’re really nice looking metal d6s, and these ones are actually balanced.

All of the dice color options. They're all metal and feature cutouts that overlap onto other sides of the dice.

“Cubble Dice was borned from my obsession with dice and odds. There’s nothing more enjoyable in a game than that emotion when you’re rolling the dice and you wait to see the outcome. This was a passion project, and you can help bring it to life if you like what you’re seeing. A lot of effort, time and thought went into the design, and the math of the dice.”


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