What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

C is for Cthulhu Coloring Book
Cthulhu Coloring books are pretty popular this month on Kickstarter, but they’re so cute I can’t help wanting them. This one seems aimed more towards kids, but it’s a great way to introduce your children to The Old Ones. You can also pick up a Cthulhu plushie and the board book to read with your kids every night.

“We’re back on Kickstarter to bring to life one of the most requested products from our outstanding C is for Cthulhu fan community: a high quality, 40-page coloring book, full of creepy and cuddly creatures and characters inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft.

This book is loaded with ready-to-color line art our fans will recognize from the original C is for Cthulhu Board Book, along with many all new illustrations and activities. Have fun with your little monsters coloring the entire Lovecraft Alphabet from A to Z! Includes bonus Lovecraft-themed activity pages for young and Old Ones! Digital Deluxe Back-up! Every book comes with a print-ready PDF of the entire book, so if there are pages you’d like to color again and again, you can print more yourself!”

Realms of Rothaen: A 5e Setting
This adventure setting claims Greyhawk, Rat Queens and Breaking Bad as inspiration, which definitely catches my interest. It adds new races and subraces as well as classes to the 5e system, and I would love to play an ice dwarf. They sound so awesome. A lot of the fleshing out for character options they are planning sounds really cool and seems like it should have been there to start with.

“Rothaen, a world of endless adventures. Corrupted governments, slave traders, crime lords, warmongers, dark cults, careless deities, insane elves, ancient evils, and much more are all here. It is an ideal backdrop for any fantasy story you want to tell, from epic magic to gritty cinematic moments or anything in between. There is no one set theme or story line. It is a complete and intricate world with several different cultures. It is your sandbox to play in, your world. Your group will have to ask themselves, “Do I rise and fight for good, or join the tides of evil?” Whatever you decide, adventure waits in the Realms of Rothaen.”

Miskatonic School for Boys
I love games where I get to be the monster. I also love that the game has such a strong element of deduction to it. It’s basically a game where you try to figure out which student you’re possessing by asking questions of the other players. But there’s a chance that the other players can lie to you about the deductions you’re making. You go until you see if you can guess who are slowly driving insane.

“MSfB is an all-new Lovecraft themed reverse deduction game where YOU get to play the Beasts for a change! This all-new game by designer Garrett Herdter takes place at a boarding school for boys. Unknown to the boys attending, the school secretly doubles as a training ground for dark beings from other dimensions (you and your friends).

The game takes place during the final 3-day test in the “Human Behavior” course. Each day of the test starts with the Lovecraftian horrors (players) in control of random human students from the school. Each horror uses deduction and deception to figure out which student they are in possession of (no mirrors in the classroom) before the other members of the class.”


Still active!

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