What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

13th Age Coins and Icon Tokens
These coins are beautiful. I love how they duplicated them from the text of 13th Age, and that they stack just as described. The icon tokens are beautiful as well, and they show a side by side comparison of the picture in the book they duplicated them from. I think if you play 13th Age you really need to check out this kickstarter, and if you don’t then you still really need to look at it because the work put into these coins is amazing.

“We are Campaign Coins from Australia. We make beautiful metal coins for tabletop games. With your help, we’d love to make licensed coins and icon tokens for the 13th Age roleplaying game designed by Rob Heinsoo & Jonathan Tweet, and published by Pelgrane Press.

Whenever we get a new RPG, the first thing we look for is the coins:

“Dwarven gold pieces are square with grooved edges. They get their name from the fact that they stack perfectly, though obviously not with anyone else’s gold coins. To start a fight with a dwarf in a tavern, knock over the tower one of them has stacked beside their ale.” – 13th Age

What a great idea! We recruited our Australian artist friend Drew Morrow and got to work.”

Murders and Acquisitions RPG
You know the old joke about wizards and trolls sitting around the table playing House and Humans? I think the game they play would be closer to this, because what’s an RPG campaign without combat? You play as workers in the cutthroat corporate world, ready to get ahead however you can. Since the game isn’t 100% in our reality, the stretch goals are allowing for some more fantastical elements to be brought in like monsters and spells. But cosmic horror and tech are on the list of things we can get through stretch goals! This looks like a great quickstart game.

“Murders & Acquisitions is a tabletop RPG of subterfuge, espionage, intrigue, theft, and murder in an absurd corporate world. Everything you need to play will be contained in a single game book. A variety of PDF support materials will also be provided.

The players portray corporate go-getters who are willing to climb the corporate ladder by any means necessary. You might sabotage a rival’s pet project, steal his secrets, destroy him socially, or simply kill him and cover it up. Lie, kill, steal – it’s all fair game in a cut-throat corporate world. You can create a character in a matter of minutes. Resources in the book allow a GM to craft an adventure quickly and fill in the blanks as the group plays.”

The Keep Gamefolio System
If you move your board games around a lot, going to friends homes or other places to play, this travel bag can help you carry them more easily, while making sure your boxes stay in great shape. You can either use it to transport your games in their boxes or use their Gamefolio bags to store the game outside the box in a manner that’s easy to transport. The large bag has room for your snacks and other essentials as well.

“The Gamefolio System is an adaptable, intelligent, purpose built system of bags, cases and accessories for tabletop gaming enthusiasts.

Our system is custom designed to make playing, transporting, storing and protecting your games safe and simple. It works with board games, card games, dice games and various other game types. Our system is perfect for game nights with friends, traveling with your games, gaming conventions or tournaments, as well as taking care of your games while at home.”

Solid Copper Hand-Stamped Dice
I really love the look of these dice, and I can only imagine the satisfying sound they make when you roll them. Not only are they hand-stamped, but they make sure to finish them with a beautiful antique-y look that really makes the stamps stand out. I think they look incredibly well made and there’s a lot of time and love that goes into them.

“Dice have been used for thousands of years, and up until the past century, they have been handmade out of quality materials. I want to bring back that lost craftsmanship; this is why I designed a series of dice that are all handcrafted out of solid, pure copper. Each dice measures approximately 16mm in size. I have four designs to choose from, but have more in mind if my goal is met. I want to bring back, “Old World craftsmanship”, where products told a story and were cherished by their holder with pride. I want to create a set of dice that actually feel like they came from a world long gone, for games themed in centuries past. ”

Calamityware Dinner Plate 9
I still love the pieces released by Calamityware, the latest offering showing an infestation of giant frogs. The mugs I got from Calamityware are durable and so fun to look at while eating, I can’t wait until I can get a full set of plates.

“This project is about producing museum-quality dinner plates infested with a plethora of frogs. Imagine these bad boys behind your French toast! The closer you look, the more frogs you’ll see.”


Still active!

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