What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Whelps to Wyrms
This game looks like a lot of fun, you start out as a baby dragon, and as you grow and you start building up your horde of gold. Unfortunately, the townsfolk don’t like you eating them, and you also have to survive a Slayer trying to kill you. The art is really nice, and it sounds like a fun, pretty quick game, lasting 10 rounds.

“Whelps to Wyrms is a limited action tile exploration game designed by Ricky Perez. Each player will play as a recently hatched Dragon whelp and spend the game trying to acquire the largest treasure hoard (gold). Along the way the players will be able to gain experience and grow in size (level up) by eating livestock and even people!

Be warned though – the people of this world will not sit idly by while you consume their livelihood. Every turn at least one mighty Slayer will be hired by the people of the world to stop you from completing your mission.”

Iris Bowl
These bowls look really awesome just as it is, but the lid is an aperture, which is even cooler. I would love to store some dice in here. You can get it in one solid color, or have the petals be a different color.

“The Iris Bowl has many uses, and is a perfect desk companion for storing paper clips, stamps, rubber bands, or whatever else you might want. Holding and opening it is pure pleasure. Machined to perfection, its lustrous finish is achieved by machining with diamond-tipped cutting tools. While practical for keeping many different types of things, its real uniqueness is in how its lid opens and closes. Twist the top counter-clockwise and the iris blades glide out. Twist clock-wise and the blades glide back together.

The Iris Bowl is color anodized, a process which oxidizes the aluminum to sapphire and creates an extremely hard jewel-like surface. Reward includes your choice of color anodize: Silver, Red, Green, Gold, Violet, Orange, and Blue.”

Coins of the Forge
These candles each have a set of five coins from Norse Foundry, and each candle has a theme to fit in your setting, including Dwarf, SciFi, Zombie, Pirate, and Steampunk. The coins look really cool, and they’ve successfully made candles with embedded dice before.

“These candles, like the Wheel of Flame set, are meant to augment your game by providing an atmospheric fragrance corresponding to various themes. Each candle compliments a different genre of tabletop game and has a scent that is reminiscent of the worlds you may be visiting in the game. Candle scents are still in development, but we have a rough idea. Scents are subject to change before the end of the campaign.

And that’s not all — embedded in each candle will be five metal coins from our friends at Norse Foundry! These beautiful RPG coins have denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25, and 100. You’ll be able to extract one of each from the molten wax as the candle melts down.”


Still active!

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