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There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Heroes of Red Hook
Unfortunately, a lot of Lovecraft’s writing was racist and based on a fear of the foreign. Fortunately, there’s books like Heroes of Red Hook that delve back into the worlds Lovecraft built and fill it with stories from viewpoints that Lovecraft avoided. Whether it be LGBTQA, women, or other races (or some combination there of!) if you want to read stories that have that same creeping horror with a whole lot less bigotry, this is an anthology worth checking out.

“Heroes of Red Hook is a collection of cosmic horror tales taking place during the Jazz Era with a very important focus. The protagonists of this anthology are members of the various under represented demographic in Lovecraftian fiction. Our heroes and heroines are the outsiders who are most often blamed (wrongly so) for the actions of various alien horrors of the mythos. Our stories put the spotlight on ethnic and religious minorities, immigrants, independent free thinking women, those with special needs, and members of the LGBT community. This collection features people struggling to overcome not only the horrors beyond mankind’s understanding, but an oppressive society seeking to deny them basic human rights.

The vast majority of the fans of Cosmic Horror Fiction struggle to reconcile their love for the genre with inherent racism of the original works of its creator, H.P. Lovecraft. Many of us are disturbed that bigots and hateful groups treat Lovecraftian fiction a manifesto to support their racism. They point to stories like The Horror at Red Hook and say, “See there, that is what’s wrong with the world.” They point to places like Brooklyn, and all they see is taint, corruption, and shadows.

We here at Golden Goblin Press reject their message and their ignorance, as we stand up and try to guide our genre towards a more inclusive future. We see the mixing of races, cultures, genders, and orientations not as a negative, but as mankind’s greatest strength. These are not shadows to be fearful of but our brightest light guiding us to a more enlightened tomorrow. Together we can change the legacy of Lovecraft, from one of blame, fear, and bigotry, into something more representative of our greater humanity. We know that one little book won’t solve the problem in our genre, but maybe it can be a nudge in the direction it needs to move coming into the 21st century.

That might be a lot to ask from one book, but those familiar with cosmic horror know all too well the power one little book can sometimes wield.”

Sensible Shoes 2
If you’ve ever tried to find a miniature for your female character before, you’ll find your choices are pretty limited. However, Sensible Shoes is back with a new Kickstarter that is unfortunately already almost over! This time they are adding a Tiefling warlock, druid, paladin, rogue, ranger, monk, Gnome wizard, Half-orc cleric, and noblewoman, among others! Be sure to check it out to get some sensible miniatures for your game.

“Earlier this year, we started a new range of female adventurer miniatures for use in roleplaying and tabletop gaming, or simply for painters and collectors. We decided to sculpt some no-nonsense, sensibly dressed and equipped female adventurers; providing an alternative to all the chainmail bikinis and boob-plate that is so common these days.

Now we want to expand the range, with new heroines; and we’re also going to introduce some NPC miniatures (male and female), and an Owlbear… basically because we need them for our next D&D campaign! :)”

Sea Monster Jamboree Curtain
I love sea monsters, and this curtain is just amazing. I wish they had a better picture to show exactly what will show up, but I love the mix of different sea monsters hiding out in the waves.

“The best thing about early Renaissance maps are the sea monsters that frolic in the waves. Now you can surround yourself with charming and bizarre sea monsters every day. The Sea Monster Jamboree Shower Curtain is based on my letterpress print of sea monsters…but much, much bigger. It’s beautiful and funny.

This is a really top-quality fabric curtain. Heavy-weight (140 gsm), white polyester fabric printed on one side in black, 70″ x 70” (180 cm x 180 cm). Twelve button-holes along the top accept all conventional shower-curtain rings. Fully hemmed. Made at the Ningbo Siteler workshop in China.?


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