What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

SAYER Season 4
SAYER is an incredibly imaginative podcast about the AI that runs the Typhon station. Creepy, funny, and mind-bending, it’s definitely something you should listen to. And now a fourth season is completely funded and rushing towards some very cool stretch goals, like a dating sim game. Even if you don’t want to put down the money right now, you should check out SAYER. You won’t regret it.

“Season 4 will take the show in a unique direction, as every season before has. I will write every episode, giving me the opportunity to construct a cohesive story arc stretching over the full span of episodes. Seasons 2 and 3 gave us the ability to see into different parts of Typhon as we hopped from resident to resident. Season 4 sees a return to the “one special resident” philosophy of Season 1 and I can’t wait for you to experience that.”

Props of Nyarlathotep
Masks of Nyarlathotep is one of the classic Call of Cthulhu campaigns. This kickstarter brings to life the props from the game, something you and your players can hold in your hand as you seek answers. The props include an Inverted Ankh necklace, the Twin Scepters, The Mirror of Gal, and a copy of an antique Egyptian chest. These props look beautiful, and the necklace is something you could wear outside of gaming sessions. Even if you’re not going to play the campaign, the props are interesting enough to keep on display in your home.

“If you intend to run a campaign or if you already played the Masks of Nyarlathotep, you probably already know why you are here. Maybe you will enjoy running it again with quality props, if you don’t and you intend to do it, you should be aware that their may be some SPOILERS AHEAD, but maybe you could be interested by doing it with your current keeper and tell him about our Kickstarter. In other cases, we propose some quality props that may interest you if you like Lovecraft, or just fantasy sculpture and objects.”

If you ever get bored of rolling dice, you could always spin a top instead. One option with these tops is to get a d6, but they also can help you decide yes or no, now or later, and you or me. There’s even a blank one for you to write your own options. If you hate having to decide on something, these tops might be able to help you out.

“Spyn is a family of perfectly weighted, versatile decision-making tools. Precision-turned from solid 303 Stainless Steel, they’re nicely pocketable, spin like a dream and come to a reassuring, decisive, un-biased stop. Call it fate, intervention or chance, Spyn makes any decision-making event a bit more enjoyable.”

Chronicles RPG Kit
These notebooks are intended to help a GM with any campaign, from tracking what’s happened, to logging player rewards like treasure and XP, to jotting down ideas. Unfortunately, this campaign is one of Kickstarter’s Make 100, so there’s a limited number of this set of four journals available, and at the moment there’s only one available right now.

“The Chronicles RPG Kit is a series of system-neutral, old-school booklets with tools to help you run well organized, dynamic roleplaying games. These booklets are meant to be written in, helping you and your players organize your games for maximum fun! Each booklet is digest sized (5.5”x8.5”) and approximately 56 pages.”

Scroll of Eldritch Convocation
Another Make 100 campaign, this one features a scroll showing an Eldritch Convocation, glyphs, and tentacles. Each scroll will be unique, and a great piece to hang on your wall.

“Assemble your cabal and prepare your sacrifice, it is time to call upon the horrors of the cosmos and the slumbering gods deep below the seas. The Scroll of Eldritch Convocation is your key to calling forth the Great Old Ones and adding depth and detail to your games with this limited edition relic.

The Scroll of Eldritch Convocation is a hand-finished fine art scroll suitable for framing or use as a prop for cosplay or role playing games (both live-action and table top). This scroll features themes ideal for use in fantasy, horror, or Lovecraftian settings. Or, you know, just hang it in your living room because it’s cool. Each scroll in this limited run of 100 is a unique piece. Each print is weathered and hand finished by artist Ed Bourelle using archival quality materials.”

Rose Gold Metal Dice
Easy Roller Dice makes really amazing dice, especially metal dice. These rose gold sets are beautiful, and the numbers are available in a large variety of colors. You can get your dice in a skull shaped metal tin, or really splurge and get an amazing carved wooden skull box from Dog Might Games.

“This series of dice starts off with 6 number, color varieties to choose from and possibly 11 number, color varieties if we hit every stretch goal. These 16mm dice are zinc alloy, cast molded and plated after the metal goes through a special plating process. Note: they do not contain real rose gold – the name comes from the color. Besides they’d be 100x as expensive…..

We also decided to mold these with a cool, unique font that stands out from the normal dice number style.”

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