What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Arcana Note 5e Leather Journal
This journal is beautiful. It almost makes me wish I ran 5e so I’d have a reason to use it. This journal has everything you need to go with your game, including a dice tray, cards with useful information, and a GM screen. As a player or a DM, you could put this journal to use for your campaign. Plus it’s in leather! You should really give the Arcana Note a look if you want to make sure your game is organized and stylish.

“Arcana Note is a portable, rugged leather notebook filled with 5E tools such as character sheets, cheat sheets, a collapsing dice tray, a ruler that measures game feet, a mini GM screen, grid paper, condition/spell/item cards, card pages and more. The inside pages contain templates for tracking sessions, NPCs, organizations and locations within your campaign.”

Top Secret: New World Order
Top Secret is one of the original espionage RPGs, and now it’s back with a whole new dice system. Top Secret: NWO uses a system they’re calling Lucky 13, which has a set difficulty of 13 you’re always trying to beat with your dice pool. The pool always has three dice, but the denominations change based on your skills. The $50 pledge gets you PDFs and print copies of everything, plus tokens, player mats, dice, a GM screen and more. I’m really interested to see this game in action, and the box set looks ready to deliver all the spy stuff you need.

“TOP SECRET: NEW WORLD ORDER is the brand-new espionage role-playing game by Merle M. Rasmussen. You are an agent of ICON, the International Covert Operatives Network. Working alone or with a team, you are tasked with the missions that other agencies can not, or will not, handle. TOP SECRET: NEW WORLD ORDER is set in today’s world of shadowy organizations, shifting alliances, high technology, and unpredictable threats.”

The Spirit of Dice
These are some really pretty polyhedral sets that are mostly transparent with some color going through them. The high face on each dice is replaced by the animal the dice represents. So the green/purple set has a dragon head, while the black/brown set has a bear. I really like the aesthetic of these dice, though the metallic, mostly gold numbering on them looks a little hard to read. But if you’re using them in person, I think it would be easier to make out the numbers. If you’re looking for a prettier set of dice, these might be what you’re looking for.

“The dice is a set of 8 different themes each depicting an animal spirit trapped with in the dice, These magnificent animals are each represented with a logo and a swirling spirit within. The way the dice are made means no two dice will ever be the same. Every dice in your collection has an animal image on it, and the D4’s have a co-ordinating symbol to represent the animal.”

Light Speed Dice
I just really love these dice. The sides are numbered 1-5, but on the 6 face it just looks like you’ve jumped to lightspeed in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon. Stretch goals include more colors and glow in the dark paint. Too bad we’re already playing the Scum and Villainy hack of Blades in the Dark, because I’d want these d6 for my character all of the time.

“Black Oak Workshop is proud to present Light Speed d6s! Plot your astro-navigation and throw the switch because these dice are ready to roll! Our latest project feature a cockpit design and jump to light speed on the 6 result. You can now roll at the speed of light!”

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