Numenera 2 Announcement from Monte Cook Games

Today at GenCon Monte Cook Games announced their next major product release, Numenera 2. Numenera 2 is composed of two new books, Discovery and Destiny. Discovery will be replacing the original corebook with some major changes to the character creation options. Destiny changes the focus of the game from exploring the past to building a better future. The books will be both backwards and forwards compatible with all existing Numenera releases, with the likely exception of the two Character Options books.

Discovery will mainly make changes to character creation including some updates to the existing type abilities that expand what characters are able to do, especially at higher levels. Foci might also change, allowing you to select abilities in a manner similar to tier abilities in the existing system. Many of the changes are focused on allowing you to maximize the customization of your character. Other changes come from things learned as the system has aged, like a potential improvement to how armor works. Because the game is intended to be backwards, and for the most part forwards compatible there aren’t going to be changes to things like the Bestiary, settings, cyphers and artifacts, and campaign material.

Adoption of Numenera 2 is, of course optional. GMs can choose to just add Destiny to their table, or neither book. But since there are no major changes to core rules, all new releases of Bestiaries and settings material will be compatible no matter what you decide to do.

Destiny will add three new types, one skilled in scavenging, one that is focused on crafting, and one that leads and builds communities. These types will emphasize Numenera’s ability to work to build settlements, create ships, or found and a foster an entire community. Destiny will also introduce a robust crafting system to Numenera, including materials needed for creation of whatever your players can dream of. (Some of these materials might already have shown up in Jade Colossus!) There’s an emphasis on creating an opportunity for your party to leave a mark on the Ninth World and make it a great place, perhaps leaving behind a legacy like what is still found from prior worlds.

You can buy either book separately, or both together with a beautiful slipcase. MCG is planning a Kickstarter for next month, so you know there will be plenty of amazing material included as stretch goals!

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2 thoughts on “Numenera 2 Announcement from Monte Cook Games

  1. Over a decade ago, at a Gamefest convention weekend in Richmond, VA, Monte Cook ran a Star Wars module, and I had the privilege of being one of the players. I don’t think many there knew who he was, and most players were following their inner munchkin, preferring Living campaign modules that built up on-going characters.

    Monte’s one-shot Star Wars modules had us playing Imperial commandos, so we were “the bad guys,” an unusual gaming opportunity. I enjoyed gaming with him. I think he also wrote the module. Good to know he’s still around, doing what he loves.

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