GenCon Exclusive Interview with Vincent Baker about Otherworlds RPG and Spellslingers

OTherworlds logo text with an image of an elf conjuring a spell in her hands

We sat down on the last day of the convention with Vincent Baker, the designer of Otherworlds and the recently kickstarted card game Spellslingers, to talk about his games and a forthcoming project. Otherworlds is a fantasy adventure with a mix of sci-fi elements while Spellslingers is a fast-paced card game for up to ten players. Plus exciting news about a new Otherworlds kickstarter!

GenCon Interview with David Reid of MetaArcade

MetaArcade logo across a hex grid

We spoke to David Reid about his company’s new app Tunnels & Trolls Adventures. Available now on Android and iOS with plans to come to Mac and Steam, this new platform aims to provide players a means of playing through RPG scenarios in the classic choose your own adventure format, including stories submitted by the community for sale, complete with stock art and sound effects. We get to see how the Adventure Creator works and what a finished adventure looks like on the PC. Their initial release brings players digitized versions of some of the first choose your own adventure modules from the venerable Tunnels & Trolls RPG, from veteran writers including Michael Stackpole. The Adventure Creator is expected soon.

You can download Tunnels & Trolls adventures for free now on your mobile devices! Apple Store. Google Play.

Aser and Megan go to GenCon50 2017

Another Gencon is behind us, and with the return to the everyday routine comes an opportunity to reflect on all we did and experienced in four glorious days of gaming, interviewing and walking: you would not believe how much walking, or maybe you would…. We arrived in Indianapolis on Wednesday afternoon and flew out on Sunday evening. In between, we ran five games, played in one, attended two panels, and for the first time, conducted six interviews that are being posted throughout the week.

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GenCon Interview with Ben Loomes of Syrinscape

syrinscape logo

At GenCon, we spoke with Ben Loomes to discuss the history of the Syrinscape platform and how GMs can use the service to bring customized sound effects, ambient soundscapes and background music into their games both around the table and online. We learned about pricing for the new Starfinder sound sets and a new feature that will allow you to trigger effects on other devices anywhere around the world.

You can learn more about Syrinscape here!

GenCon Interview with Chris Birch from Modiphius

people on the bridge as it is in battle

We had the chance to interview Chris Birch from Modiphius at GenCon about the the new Star Trek Adventures RPG. He describes how the game duplicates the character-based narratives of the franchise by encouraging players to challenge their characters’ values and build their own crew of familiar faces as they explore the unknown. We also get updates on Achtung! Cthulhu and some details about the forthcoming Fallout Miniatures game.

GenCon Interview with James Sutter of Paizo on Starfinder

In this interview at the very beginning of Gencon, when you could still find Starfinder for sale at their booth, James Sutter from Paizo answered some questions about how the rules in this new science fantasy role-playing game have been simplified to speed up play. He also explains how starships have been integrated into the game, the level of backwards compatibility designed into the system and some of the evolutionary developments that led from Pathfinder to Starfinder. Lastly, he also doesn’t not announce something you might be able to look forward to in before too long by way of an iconic adventure path.

GenCon Interview with Monte Cook about Numenera 2 and Invisible Sun

Covers for Numenera Discovery and Numenera Destiny

While we were at GenCon last week, we had the chance to sit down with Monte Cook and get some more details about Numenera and Invisible Sun. In this interview, he discusses what the three new character types in the forthcoming Destiny will look like and how they might interact with the types from the core book, whose new incarnation will be called Discovery. We also asked him about how the cards in Invisible Sun will be used and hear about some of the other new products MCG brought to the convention.

Official Numenera 2 Announcement

Image TM and © 2017 Monte Cook Games, LLC

Numenera 2 Announcement from Monte Cook Games

Today at GenCon Monte Cook Games announced their next major product release, Numenera 2. Numenera 2 is composed of two new books, Discovery and Destiny. Discovery will be replacing the original corebook with some major changes to the character creation options. Destiny changes the focus of the game from exploring the past to building a better future. The books will be both backwards and forwards compatible with all existing Numenera releases, with the likely exception of the two Character Options books.

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Megan and Aser go to GenCon 2016

Megan and I have been wanting to go to GenCon for a long time. This gathering of all things gaming and everything remotely related descends on Indianapolis for an extended weekend of gaming, gorging and oh so much spending. Indianapolis seems to love it: probably because this plague of locusts tips better than most.

Megan and Aser at start of GenCon

I think we’re modest folks by and large, but we were pretty ambitious for our first major con. Our plan called for GMing three games and about two hours of game demos for Monte Cook Games, not to mention a few panels, all while staging out of a hotel in the outskirts of the city, we had this. Luckily for us, we had help, which honestly bailed us out of a jam or two in the four days we were there. Matt and Mike of MAMS Gaming have built up a truly spectacular organization of GMs that run events at GenCon with a level of quality and service that really stands out from the usual fare. I’d say this even if They weren’t podcast regulars and we weren’t running games for them. If you’re going to GenCon, I highly encourage you to check out their games to see if they’re running anything you’re interested in.
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A Quickstart Guide for Game Masters at Gen Con

In hindsight, GMing at Gen Con is not easy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a blast! But a 60,000 player convention has a lot of moving parts, and I would have loved a guide to avoid all the inefficiencies, mistakes, and general frustrations I experienced during my first few years.

So, without any further ado, here are some of the things that are in the Event Host Policy document Gen Con releases every year, but hopefully a little more concise:

GM vs. Gaming Group
If you are running an event by yourself, you are a GM! That means you’re only responsible for yourself and your event. This eliminates a lot of possible advantages, such as getting complimentary GM Badges or requesting a GM Hotel Room, but this provides a much faster, simpler submittal process and you don’t have the pain of herding the cats that are your fellow GMs. Good job on not being insane!

GM Badges
As a GM, you still must purchase a Badge as an Attendee, then request before mid-May a GM Badge for pickup at GM HQ. Once you pick up your GM Badge, you drop off your Attendee Badge and, after the convention, request reimbursement.
As a Gaming Group, you can request a number of complimentary GM Badges equivalent to number expected of player hours generated from your approved events divided by 72 hours. What does this all mean? If you plan to run 72 player hours of events (# of Events x # of players x # of Event’s Hours), you’ll get a free Badge.

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