What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Tiny Dungeon 2e
Tiny Dungeon is releasing a second edition of it’s quick set-up and easy to run game. The game is simple, with a ton of options for setting, written by a list of amazing creators. I love how much the system is able to do with really simple mechanics. The micro-settings look like a lot of fun as well, I want to play in Marie Brennan’s setting as a dungeon dweller trying to keep waves of adventurers out of my home.

“Tiny Dungeon uses a simple, fast, and dynamic ruleset to handle actions. The game uses up to three six-sided dice as part of action resolution. If you roll a “5” or “6” on a die, your check succeeds. Most checks are made with two dice. However, if you are deemed to have “advantage” on a roll, you gain a third die to roll. If you have disadvantage, you lose a dice (rolling only a single die).

Characters are made quickly and easily. You will select a fantasy race (such as dwarf, salimar, goblin, human or more), three traits, and write down some basic information and you are ready to play!

Micro-settings are unique, small “example settings” specifically designed to be used as a tool, resource, or spring-board for your own campaigns. All of the micro-settings come with some story and some fluff that is designed to be unique to that particular micro-setting. The core book comes with some very different micro-settings, written by professional authors, industry veterans, and fans of the genre. ”

Conspiracy Theory
Steve Jackson always makes great games, and I’m really interested in this one. It plays a little bit like Cards Against Humanity, but it’s SFW and everyone participates in each round, which makes it a lot easier to pull out at family events. Plus I like the idea that you get to explain the conspiracy each round. It’s the kind of game that fits in great at TRF!

“This fast-playing black card/white card game will reward your ability to sell your deranged ideas to the other players.

In Conspiracy Theory, you explore who’s really doing what, to whom, and why . . . and how they are keeping it secret. And you have to convince the other players that your theory is best. This is a stand-alone game by Illuminati designer Steve Jackson, for 3 or more players, and it takes an hour or more to play.

Conspiracy Theory is NOT an “adults only” game. Neither is it a game where the referee has the lion’s share of the fun. It is designed for active involvement by every player in every round.”

Dinosaurs on Silk
Too long have dinosaurs been absent from our silk neckerchiefs! Now’s your chance to get a neckties, pocket square, or scarf that has a delightful dino pattern based on the classic Strawberry Thief pattern by William Morris.

“Take for example, the most famous Victorian designer, William Morris, who worked for 40 years creating books, paintings, embroidery, stained glass, and hundreds of lavish wallpaper designs. But do you see any dinosaurs? Nope. With this Kickstarter project, I aim to fix that problem.

I’ve drawn a parody of Bill’s most famous pattern—Strawberry Thief. But my design includes all the dinosaurs you could ever want and each one is nibbling a fresh strawberry. I call the pattern Strawberry Thieves.”

The Compendium of Wild Beasts 5e
While there are many mythical and fantastical creatures to be found in the monster manuals of 5e, it can be harder for your humble Druid or GM to find stats for an encounters with a rabid raccoon or swarm of ravens. This project will not only give you stats for dozens of more mundane, but still deadly, critters, it provides a deck so that it’s easy to track all of the stats you need while playing. Even better, you can get some really luxurious cases to carry these cards in.

“When I first started playing 5th Edition, I rolled up a Druid named Torban. He joined a group of adventures who would become known as “the Sons of the Coast” and helped to save our game world from a mad beholder and his drow thralls. It was a great adventure and I’ll remember it for years to come, but for all the great memories I have of that campaign, the most frustrating ones revolve around the amount of material I had to keep track of. All too often I would have more books and sheets on me than my game master. So once again the gents of Gemhammer are back to take the tables, charts and sheets out of your game and make things easier for you.

The Compendium of Wild Beasts is a deck of 100 stat block cards for the menagerie of critters that you can fight, hunt, summon, turn into and befriend. They are made for 5th edition, and follow the rules of the OGL.”

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