What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

7th Sea: Khitai
7th Sea is such a great game for playing heroes, and it really allows you to focus on intrigue or combat as you prefer. 7th Sea: Khitai doesn’t require you to own 7th Sea to play, it can be an entirely separate game, or you can integrate the two settings. Khitai takes an Eastern influence in it’s setting and lore, and is more supernatural based then 7th Sea is. The stretch goals are for fully fleshed out books for the kindgoms of Khitai, so you can take a really deep dive into the different parts of the world as you want.

“The Big Question in 7th Sea is “What does it mean to be a hero?” I wasn’t content with just the European answer. I wanted to include Heroes from all over the world to come play in our sandbox. 7th Sea: Khitai is a chance to allow the Eastern Hero into the world and bring more voices into the discussion. In the East, the Hero’s role is different than in Théah. The Call to Adventure is very real, a spiritual urge to travel toward one’s destiny. It is not metaphor, but an inevitable pull all Heroes feel, a pull toward a duty that is greater than a Hero’s own desires. The Song of the World brings these Heroes together to fulfill important roles.

In Théah, the Hero walks her own path. In Khitai, the Hero serves the World. In Théah, honor is personal. In Khitai, it is supernatural.

7th Sea: Khitai is a standalone game; you don’t need any other books to play it. Khitai uses the same ENnie Award winning system from 7th Sea: Théah, but with new twists to make the game fit the concepts of the East.”

The Dreamlands Christmas Cards and Gift Wrap
I’ve gotten these holiday cards each year and they are always beautiful. The art is stunning, and I never want to send them out, but keep them for myself instead. This year the focus is on the Dreamlands, which means there’s two sets of cards to choose from! They feature things like the Cats of Ulthar, Night Gaunts, and the Black Galley. As a bonus this year they’re also doing some gorgeous Cthulhu gift wrap! You should really check this out, it’s an amazing kickstarter.

“The Dreamlands was an alternate dimension that could be entered through dreams filled with ancient ruins, monsters, seedy taverns and cats. Unlike the dread of his horror writing, the dreamlands were filled with heroism and adventure.

Heather and I are tremendous Lovecraft fans, as are many of our friends. And once again we had ideas… so many ideas… too many ideas for just one card. So we decided to make nine of them. They are meant to seem like “normal” Christmas cards when viewed across the room on the mantle. Its only when you get closer that their true nature becomes apparent. Not only do we have new cards but we are offing the old cards again if you missed our other 2 Kickstarters and we are offering WRAPPING PAPER!”

Forbidden Lands Retro Open World Survival Fantasy
I still haven’t had a chance to play a game using the Mutant: Year Zero system, but I’m really intrigued by this OSR setting game that uses more modern mechanics. Plus the artwork is really amazing. Forbidden Lands is a open sandbox game, with a huge map for your players to explore. Each hex on the world map has a type, and the GM can drop any Adventure set from the book into the hex for their players to explore. Character creation is simple, and you can even build your own stronghold to put all of your loot to good use. I’ve generally steered away from OSR style games, but I think this one looks like it has a lot of really great elements that is worth checking out.

“So, what do we mean by a retro RPG? In Forbidden Lands, you will play raiders and rogues in an unforgiving world, but what you do is up to you. RPGs from the late ’70s and early ‘80s often had this open approach to adventuring. You were free to roam a map and discover its secrets and treasures. This is something we aim to recapture – with the support of modern game mechanics. The sandbox approach to gaming gives the players the freedom to make their mark on the game world however they want – if they can survive long enough to tell the tale.

The aestethics and art style of the game is also influenced by retro gaming and the iconic work of Nils Gulliksson. The books themselves will have a handcrafted, old look like old tomes from the Forbidden Land itself!

Still, Forbidden Lands is a modern game, based on the award winning rules and mechanics from Mutant: Year Zero and Tales from the Loop – and taking them to the next level. In this game, we aim to merge the best of the old and the new to create a fresh, exciting fantasy RPG unlike anything you have seen before.”

Starfinder Miniatures
Starfinder was immensely popular at GenCon, and we’ve even managed to squeeze in a few sessions of Paizo’s new game. With all of the race and class options, there’s a multitude of miniatures needed to be able to represent your character, and this kickstarter aims to rectify that. They’re offering a ton of ways to get the miniatures you want for your game, and the options include PC miniatures, monsters, and even ships. (I’m still waiting for my Lashunta Solarian figure though!)

“To offer the most customizable pledge rewards possible we have developed the Kickstarter Slot System. There are 4 kinds of Slots: Hero, Encounter Pack, Creature, and Fleet. The Adventure and Campaign pledges come not only with specific models but several types of Slots to customize the pledge. Every item option has a Slot type and cost. Additional Slots beyond those in the Adventure and Campaign Pledge can be purchased for the cost listed in the Additional Slots section. As the campaign progresses and more stretch goals are unlocked the type of Slot and cost of each unlocked model will be listed in the appropriate section.

Freebie Stretch goals add one free model or upgrade to the pledge. Additional models of that unlocked Freebie may be purchased as listed in the appropriate section.”

Still Active

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Numenera 2: Discovery and Destiny
Littlest Lovecraft: The Dreamlands

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