What’s Cool on Kickstarter

Here are some projects on Kickstarter I think look promising!

Cephalovepod Letterpress Valentines Card

I got the previous card made by this group for the #CreeperXmas2015 gift exchange, and can’t wait to get another piece! I had to get two so I’d have one to give to my Valentine and one to keep for myself.

Lovecraftian Science
“Since September 2013 I have posted numerous articles discussing how Lovecraft used science in his stories.The first series of articles was an expansion on some of the ideas and concepts I presented on the Biology of the Old Ones at the NecronomiCon.Subsequent articles have included investigations on a story-specific basis, as well as on specific subject matters, such as the solar system, the use of Einstein’s theories in Lovecraft’s stories, the role of fungi in Lovecraft’s fiction, and how Lovecraft would actually modify his stories to agree with emerging scientific ideas and discoveries.Some more academic and philosophical subjects were also discussed such as how Lovecraft attempted to use science to justify some of his racist views and how his materialism philosophy impacted his work.”

Real Precious Stone full 16mm polyhedral dice sets
“We have made a few samples of these using hand carved techniques. However, for mass-production, we will need to invest in a quality steel mold that will guide the stone carving into more precise shapes, which will later be hand polished to finish the manufacturing process. Using this steel mold to guide the process will also help with the precision of our stone dice.

This is where KickStarter comes in. The steel mold to make the dice more precise is costly; the materials themselves (being semi-precious stones) are also very costly. This KickStarter will help us make the mold and start with manufacturing 4 different stone materials: Clear Quartz, Hematite, Synthetic Opalite, and Red Jasper.”

Necronomicon Horror RPG
“This is a horror themed sandbox, storytelling game steeped in demonology and the occult. It can be played extensively for missions, experience and quests…or as a Halloween/horror themed party as a one off. It is a frightening game that requires team work, cunning, strategy and a great deal of imagination. This isn’t just a Cthulhu mythos game but links the horrors of Lovecraft to medieval deadly sins and modern horror. It creates a horror tailored to the player’s deepest fears.”

Megan loves RPGs, cephalopods, robots, dice, and Kickstarter campaigns related to the above. She is a co-founder of The Redacted Files and runs our Numenera, Pathfinder, and Horror on the Orient Express campaigns, as well as the Trail of Cthulhu one-shots.

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