What’s Cool on Kickstarter

Ako Dice
These metal dice look pretty awesome. They’re available in two colors and are made out of aluminum.


The Last Days of Anglekite
We haven’t played any Dungeon World games for TRF yet – but this setting looks like a lot of fun.

“The Last Days of Anglekite is a Dying Earth-style weird fantasy setting for Dungeon World in which you play members of the Anglekite Adventurer’s Guild, the last line of defense for a dying world threatened by catastrophic powers. The Last Days of Anglekite has everything you need to play out an epic struggle to save a world at the end of its time, drawing from weird sword and sorcery tales and over-the-top fantasy by authors like Jack Vance, Clark Ashton Smith, and Michael Moorcock.”


Nefertiti Overdrive: High Octane Action in Ancient Egypt
So many RPGs are set in a medieval European setting, so I think writing one in Ancient Egypt is pretty interesting.

“Defying physics and common sense, you are legendary heroes protecting the royal house of 25th Dynasty Egypt from both internal enemies and the marauding Assyrian army. Do you want to leap from crocodile head to crocodile head before planting your sandaled foot directly in the face of an Assyrian giant bearing an axe bigger than you? Do you want to rebound off the side of a pyramid and fly into the centre of a mob of badguys, whom you then lay low with your lightning-fast fists?

Then you are our kind of people. Nefertiti Overdrive is a role-playing game of crazy wire-fu action set in Ancient Egypt. This is a game about kicking badguys in the face, or using a fallen foe as a step to get your character high enough to drive her knee into another bad-guy’s face.”


Heal Dice!!
These dice are intended to be used by your party’s healer so that you can get a visual just how much good you’re doing.


Pencil Dice
Just in case carrying around a d6 is too arduous, you can just use your pencil to make your rolls!

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