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 Dice of Curiously Strong Attraction
I’ve posted magnetic dice before – but in case you missed them and really want some awesome dice for your fridge, here’s your opportunity


Game of Thrones Gaming Coins by Shire Mint
I had to snap up a Half-Dragon from House Martell, my personal favorite house, as soon as I saw this. You can get coins from any house, or get sets to use in your games! I have the Iron Coin of Braavos from their last Kickstarter, and it’s pretty impressive.

“Our gaming coins are designed specifically to replace of the cardboard tokens in the A Game of Thrones living card game from Fantasy Flight Games, and may be also be used in many other gaming scenarios.

There are two main denominations, the small “half-penny” replacing the “power” token, and the larger “half-dragon” replacing the “gold” token. Below are photos of the half-dragon types, shown in “mint” condition (top) and “circulated” condition (second row). Mint condition is how coin collectors (numismatists) usually prefer their coins, but others may prefer the coins that have been tumbled and darkened to emulate the darkening and wear of decades of pocket-carry.”


U-Dice, the Universal Electronic Dice
If you don’t like needing to carry all your dice around, this little gadget is for you! You can roll up to 6 dice of any standard denomination at a time.

“Could not find the dice for your dice game? Lost one of the needed dice? Annoyed at dice dropping off a table? Tired of summing up the value of several dice? Introducing U-Dice, an universal electronic dice for most dice games. It could have up to 6 dice at one roll, with each die be 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10,12, 20 or 100 faces.”


I love these lamps. They just look so cool. I wish I had somewhere I could display it properly.

“Dino Light is inspired by our childhood memories, while at the same time bringing a fresh and unique perspective to lighting design.

We took a non-conventional approach and applied creative thinking to research and develop our product.

Dino Light is a 90cm (35.5″) lamp in the shape of a dinosaur’s skeleton, made from translucent acrylic with stunning light-reflecting characteristics.”


Aza Dice
If you want another interesting and unique d6 for your collection, you should really check this out.


Still active!

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