Fishy Business 3: Brought to Light

A view of Lakeview cemetery with the cherry trees blossoming

As the web of who caused the explosion in the U District begins to unravel, the group bands together to take down the cause of their recent trouble.

Featuring Aser, Jonn, Landan, Megan, and Patrick. Music by Kevin MacLeod, “Ramos Theme.”

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Final Girl: Death of a Salesman…et. al.

Roomba with a knife taped on

TRF goes to GeeklyCon 2016 to spread the word of Final Girl. Megan and Aser host a panel where everyone gets in on the gory fun, set in an isolated motel.

This episode features Aser, Kyle, Landan, Megan, Milli, Mollie, and Taylor. Music by Kevin MacLeod, “Alchemist’s Tower.”

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A heartfelt Thank You two years later ^(;,;)^

Sign reading no trespassing in this building with no building pictured behind

New TRF Headquarters

Two years ago today, the people behind TRF Podcast had just pushed the button and sent our first episode into the wild. Since then we have entertained literally dozens of people with our special blend of intrigue, suspense, and certain amount of tongue in cheek. It has been a pleasure to share our adventures at the table with you all and we would like to thank everyone who has made TRF the success it has become.

Special thanks to our cast members: John D., Michael L., Nika, Shaunna, Ashleigh, Landan, Jeff, Matt G., Mike G., Rob, Tassia, Jonn P., James, Patrick, Phil, Brian, Matthew W., Zack, Eli, Damali, Mike P., Chuck, Uriah, Alex, and Taylor.

And a huge thank you to our Patrons: Lord Tentacle, Nyssa, Philip, Gus, Jeromy, Angela, Stuart, Mike B., Mike J., Second Thought Games, Jonn, Terryan, Patrick, Landan, Dogface, Specs AK, Damon, Nathan, John, and Michael.

We couldn’t do any of this without you!

Review: CypherCaster Magazine, Issue 006

Cover for CypherCaster Magazine, issue 6. Shows aliens leaving a space ship, blasters in hand on a desert planet

CypherCaster Magazine is a great fanzine for all Monte Cook Games, with a ton of valuable information and inspiration with each release. I have found valuable information with each release, and the latest issue is no exception.

The first piece is a short story set in the world of Gods of the Fall written by Bruce Cordell. There’s not a lot about the setting, but there is a lot of world building that really helped me get a feel for the setting. For those of you who don’t know, Gods of the Fall was part of the Cypher System kickstarter earlier this year as a setting book. It builds a world where the gods have disappeared, but years later people have dominions they can control awakened. There’s a lot to love about this setting, most of all the flexibility of the powers, and how perception can change them.

There is also a short story by Andrew Cady, called Field Mission, which is an action piece set in the world of The Strange. It has a Lovecraftian angle that I really love, and I only wish that it could have been longer.

I really love the small focused setting in Qi for Numenera, written by Chris Fitzgerald. Miranda’s House is a boarding house that you can have your PCs stay in or find a lead at. There’s descriptions of the staff and guests, and what is really great is that the NPCs are given a short description as well as strengths and weaknesses. The strengths and weaknesses really give you an idea of who the character is and how to play them, but isn’t super restrictive and doesn’t require a lot of reading or things to keep track of. There’s a great diversity of people to encounter, plus a menu of food that can be found there! I haven’t seen a Ninth World menu anywhere else, and the creativity was great. Now I want a whole article focused on the regional delicacies of the Ninth World.

The bulk of this release is a really interesting intergalactic police cypher setting called Sector Agents, created by David Wilson Brown. It gives some really great advice on incorporating the variety of foci for PCs as different alien species in a way I think really works out well. I really enjoy pulpy settings, and Brown doubles down on providing that. We’ve been talking about building a Star Trek-esque campaign for a cypher game, and this has so many great ideas and resources, including tables for creating star systems, a table for planetary politics, and a random mission generator. Plus, there’s the laws for interstellar space that your Sector Agents will enforce. This issue really helps give you the resources you need to run a game in the setting, with five species that can be encountered or played by a PC, including ones that aren’t bipedal.

There are two adventures that accompany the Sector Agents setting, the first called “The Curious Case of Praxis-3” by Rustin Coones, and the second written by TRF friend John WS Marvin, “The Prisoner of Morpheus Station.” You’ll have all of the resources you need to try out this really fun looking setting and have your own pulpy, police procedural.

Great minds think alike, and it was a pleasant surprise to see the Vehicles with Character article by Marc Plourde. Vehicles in the Cypher games haven’t been given much attention, and we’ve talked about creating a new system using the character creation rules to make a really special ship on TRF before. Luckily, Plourde did the work for us! Using the same basic outline for building a character, he outlines how different parts of a ship are analogous to a character, and how points should be distributed. He has a huge list of upgrades that are available for your ship, but what I really love is his suggestion that both credits and XP can be used to buy these. Many parts of the ship creation reminded me of the Firefly (Cortex+) system for building a ship, with choosing distinctions and assets. But the method he outlines is really a great fit for cypher system, and I think it’s something anyone running a Cypher game with a ship in it should read.

There is also a campaign set in a new recursion, which is described in Issue 005, called Zuomeng by Rustin Coones, Scott Robinson & Jennifer Ross. The setting is full of pirates and your agents must determine what Rukian agents are doing near a US naval base.

I have found a wealth of information, ideas, and inspiration in each issue of CypherCaster Magazine, and I am happy to read it each time. The magazine always has a really diverse set of articles, and the ideas that I read have been consistently great. However, this issue was plagued by some formatting issues and one difficult to read font. I don’t think any of this is distracting enough to prevent me from giving two thumbs up and my recommendation to add it to your Cypher resource list.

You can find this Issue 006 at DriveThruRPG for $4.

Check out my review for Issue 001 here.

What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Godsfall Worldbook
Godsfall is an amazing 5e podcast with so much world building done by the GM Aram in an unique setting. You can use this setting for your own game now, with divinities and all the maps and world information you need to bring it to life. I love how the divinities contribute to the game Aram runs, and think it would be a great way to make your game a little more exciting.

“Godsfall is a broken land. A land in which the Old Gods slaughtered one another in a great war that ravaged the world and stripped divine and arcane casters alike of their magic. It is a world where the five kingdoms that remain bicker over resources, taking up arms to defend shipping lanes and tariffs instead of a common defense. It is ninety-eight years after the destruction of most of the known world and all her Gods, but a God can never truly die. Their power is seeping back into the realm of mortals to anoint new Deities – and you are one of the chosen.

The expanded Godsfall Worldbook will contain full rules for all thirty-six Divinities from levels 1-20, rich descriptions and original art of lands and major cities across the Five Kingdoms, original portraits of dozens of NPCs from the Godsfall podcast, a Godsfall character sheet with space for player Divinities, drawings and descriptions of original creatures that stalk the Godsfall world, and detailed world and city maps.”
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Fishy Business 2: Missed Connections

Cranes at the Seattle Docks

The group of loosely allied compatriots heads to the docks to find the Fomorian threat.

Featuring Aser, Jonn, Megan, Patrick, and Uriah. Music by Kevin MacLeod, “Ramos Theme.”

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What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Cameo Creeps
I love these amazing little cameo paintings, mostly because of the amazing monsters in period costume. The detail in them is amazing, and I would love to have a few them hanging on my wall.

“I’ve been painting in miniature for the last 2 years and what has emerged is the Cameo Creeps series. My love of fantasy and horror illustration coalesced into these fun and ghoulish creations. I can’t keep the original prototypes in stock, so I’ve decided the best way to satisfy the public’s bloodthirsty craving for these beyond-cool miniatures is to offer To-Scale framed reproductions.

But, to offer Cameo Creeps on a large scale I need to have the frames manufactured. These miniature cameos are near impossible to find. I have turned to Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to manufacture the frames myself. Here is your chance to be a part of the miniature monster craze that is sweeping the nation!”
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Not So Strange 7: Wait, it shoots what?

A battle chrysalid, with a glowing red face and guns mounted to it's back moves forward menacingly

Escaping from the tunnels beneath Ruk, the team and Agent Davis join forces with the Quiet Cabal to take on a threat to Earth and Ruk before it’s too late.

Featuring Aser, John, Matt, Megan, and Mike. Music by Kevin MacLeod, “Failing Defense”.

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Red Markets Interview

We sit down over Skype with Caleb Stokes, the creator of Red Markets, a new RPG about economic horror and zombies. Since we recorded this, he’s blown through several more stretch goals, so check it out on Kickstarter and follow him on Twitter for more information.

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June Release Schedule

Panoramic view of Seattle with the fog overtaking the city

What are we playing this month?

June 5, 2016 Not So Strange 7: Wait, it Shoots What?!
Escaping from the tunnels beneath Ruk, the team and Agent Davis join forces with the Quiet Cabal to take on a threat to Earth. And Ruk before it’s too late.

June 12, 2016 Fishy Business 2: Missed Connections
The group of loosely allied compatriots heads to the docks to find the Fomorian threat.

June 19, 2016 Not So Strange 8: The Omega Mission
Mission accomplished, our heroes take time to relax and recover. None of them could have predicted what would happen when The Omega Factor came into play.

June 26, 2016 Fishy Business 3: Brought to Light
As the web of who caused the explosion in the U District begins to unravel, the group bands together to take down the cause of their recent trouble.