The Strange: The Curious Case of Tom Mallard, part 1

Three agents of The Estate are tasked with an easy assignment, to watch over a recursion miner. Yet things are more complicated then they appear and as they begin to investigate they are sucked into a greater mystery. 

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October Release Schedule

What are we playing this month?

Dimensional Shambler by Caberwood
Image by Caberwood

October 2 and 6, 2014The Strange: The Curious Case of Tom Mallard
Two agents accept an easy mission to show a newbie the ropes. Things go….terribly wrong. This session got a little long, so we’re releasing it in two parts!

October 14, 2014Numenera Episode 4: A Walk to Forget
After meeting some new allies and making a new enemy, the adventurers make their way to the tower.

October 24, 2014The Redacted Files, Episode 4: PX Poker Night Part 4
The exciting conclusion to our initial adventure, the team finally begins to band together in attempt to escape the base.

Mysteries of the Ninth World Episode 3: What’s a little mutation between friends?

Screaming Statues

Our “brave heroes” embark on a journey to destroy the insidious choir. Along the way they stand on unsturdy surfaces and poke things they shouldn’t. Fun is had by all. Bring your rope, you’ll need it. 

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The Redacted Files: Px Poker Night pt 3

The group heads in to the BX to win big at poker. Unfortunately, the chaos near the van continues to cause them problems. 

d20 Modern Open License

The d20 Modern SRD is used under the Open Game License v 1.0 Copyright 2000, Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

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Fiasco: The Bookhounds of London

While the TRF editors are away being obnoxious lovebirds, we humbly present this first ever official outing of The Redacted Files crew into the world of Fiasco.

For those unaware, Fiasco is the GM-less game where you play ordinary people with powerful ambition and poor impulse control.

Bookhounds of London is a custom playset created by Trail of Cthulhu author and general Mythos authority Kenneth Hite and acclaimed author Will Hindmarch.

In our rendition, a trio of Londoners get more than they bargained for when they decide to seek revenge for a fallen family member. Also, Aser’s character shoots someone in cold blood…again…

Port_City_Music_-_29_-_Night_Terrors from ‘Silber Sounds of Halloween’

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September Release Schedule

What are we playing this month? Our TRF editors are still on vacation!

September 4, 2014Fiasco: Bookhounds of London
Trying to get even with that shite Aleister Crowley causes some problems.

September 14, 2014The Redacted Files, Episode 3: PX Poker Night Part 3
We find out just how good the members of the party are at playing poker. Oh, and some answers about the mysterious van and the annoying buzzing.

September 24, 2014Mysteries of the Ninth World Episode 3: What’s a little mutation between friends?
Our fearless adventurers, led by an even more fearless Marcus Custer continue East to find the Insidious Choir. Maybe they should have stayed home though…

#RPGaDay Day 31: Favorite RPG of all time

TRF is taking part in #RPGaDay! We’ll answer each question as a group, and would love to hear your responses as well, here or on Twitter.

For August 31, our question is what is your favorite RPG of all time?

Aser – The game I seem to end up talking about most with people is Call of Cthulhu. It’s such an enduring game that doesn’t seem to have changed all that much over the years: though I guess that’s about to change. Like I said earlier, the way in which it handles skill progression is really neat and so many great settings have been created for it.

John – If I could only play one game for the rest of my life, prob Call of Cthulhu, I think because of my love for the source material, solid system, and I have read and reread 4th ed. since. high school, and because it’s timeless. We strive to ‘cram Cthulhu’ into everything… Roll SAN!

Landan – Currently Pathfinder but that could change at some point.

Megan – Numenera!

Shaunna – I don’t think I can pick just one at this point!

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#RPGaDay Day 30: Rarest RPG Owned

TRF is taking part in #RPGaDay! We’ll answer each question as a group, and would love to hear your responses as well, here or on Twitter.

For August 30, our question is what is the rarest RPG you own?

Aser – No rare games to speak of: everything’s electronic.

John – Spooks! Welcome to the Great Beyond… Just came out in print and I backed Kickstarter. Huge gorgeous book where you are undead in the afterlife, can be silly, fantasy, or horror genre (they are Lovecraft fans…)
Hopefully we will try a game on the podcast?

Landan – I don’t think I own any rare books except may the Saga Ed. Star Wars books.

Megan – Does Paranoia count? I have the PDFs.

Shaunna – Eh? Well, my boyfriend owns a ton of RPGs…so…I guess I’ll post a picture of his library and just let that be my answer for this one. Although I HAVEN’T gotten my hands on the original Deities & Demigods yet, and have been trying for two Christmases….

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#RPGaDay Day 29: Most memorable encounter

TRF is taking part in #RPGaDay! We’ll answer each question as a group, and would love to hear your responses as well, here or on Twitter.

For August 29, our question is what your most memorable encounter?

Aser – My favorite encounter has to have been during the second session of Redacted Files. Lieutenant Prescott and Tech Sergeant Carpenter had forged a good working relationship and set aside their mutual suspicion in order to figure out what was going on at Platte AFB, then John and I both failed will saves and the next thing we knew we’re on the verge of violence in the confines of a pickup truck’s cab. Luckily someone else on the base failed their will save and created a more pressing threat for both PCs to focus on.

John – so many good memories, but probably in my first game (D&D) when I was 7 and my older stepbrother and I played brother orcs in a game DMed by the oldest of my three brothers… Mark thought he could tackle a giant spider but failed his save and was rounds from death when I fed him a healing potion and killed the spider with one swing of my broadsword. I never forgot that day; I rubbed it his face, and it started me on the path to rpg nerddom. For 30 years I have more or less been a roleplayer!

Landan – I have several and it would be lengthy to post here. I will try and write them on my blog at some point soon. If you’re interested it’s going to be at

Megan – My party was defending a fort in Only War, and a bunch of Orks attacked. My psyker took about 35 points of damage to the head in one round from suppressive fire, and I had to burn my only fate point to save her. She came out of it with terrible facial scarring and it dropped her fellowship down to a dismal 11. While she was recovering in the hospital, two other PCs decided to give her a poisoned cake because, well, psyker. She made it through however…

Shaunna – Those weird statues in our Numenera game. We STILL don’t know why they were there, where they came from, or basically anything about them.

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#RPGaDay Day 28: Scariest Game you’ve played

TRF is taking part in #RPGaDay! We’ll answer each question as a group, and would love to hear your responses as well, here or on Twitter.

For August 28, our question is what is the scariest game you’ve played?

Aser – All of the games I’ve played have been pretty tame thus far.

John – CHILL, I think a starter scene from the early 1990s or late 80s box set

Landan – I can’t say I have ever played an RPG that was scary my brain tends to have a big disconnect when I play. So even when a setting or a theme may be creepy or scary it’s too difficult for me to pretend being terrified when I am in a well lit room with dice, snacks, and other people around.

Megan – I’ve never played a game that scared me…I hope one day to correct that

Shaunna – Just got out of a creepy encounter with a powerful Duke who seemed very devious…but then he wasn’t

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