Mars Colony: Systemic Failure, Personal Tragedy

Sent to rescue the colony on Mars from itself, will Kelly do more harm then good?

Featuring Aser and Megan. Aser wrote a review of the game here.

Music by Kevin McLeod, “Controlled Chaos”
Direct Download!

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2 thoughts on “Mars Colony: Systemic Failure, Personal Tragedy

  1. I found you guys about a month ago and have been going through your back catalog obsessively. The show is funny and one of the best rpg casts I’ve found yet; however if someone (I’m pretty sure it’s Acer) doesn’t stop chomping chips on mic I’m going to have to drop you like a bad habit.

    1. Sorry about that! We generally don’t let people eat while recording, so I’m not sure what the noise is, but I hope that it disappears. I know hearing people eat on podcasts is annoying.

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