#RPGaDay Day 15: Favorite Convention Game

TRF is taking part in #RPGaDay! We’ll answer each question as a group, and would love to hear your responses as well, here or on Twitter.

For August 15, our question is what is your favorite convention game?

Aser – I haven’t done con games, though think they could be a lot of fun.

John – never been to a Con. Maybe next year?

Landan – At Geekly Con 2014 playing in a Pathfinder Game DM’d by The Redacted Files own Nika Howard, and a Call of Cthulhu game DM’d by Veronica and Josh of Cthulhu and Friends. It may not have been a true convention but I am counting it.

Megan – Same as earlier, never been to one

Shaunna – Never been to a convention–maybe GeeklyCon2015?

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