#RPGaDay 6: Most amazing thing a game group did for their community

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Each year we celebrate Autocratik’s #RPGaDay, where we spend a month celebrating RPGs, discussing what we love and what we love about them. Here are the responses of the TRF crew. Be sure to tweet, blog, or post your own with the #RPGaDay!

For August 6, what is the most amazing thing a game group did for their community?

John D. – I think the Extra Life charity streams are awesome.
Jonn P. – The Raleigh Tabletop Roleplayers is a group with over 1100 members ranging from the casual gamers to published game designers and authors. One of the coolest things about the meetup is the variety of different functions aimed at providing entertainment and support to Raleigh’s gaming community, For example, Try it Out games sessions, workshops, discussion panels, presentations, special interest groups, a GMs Fair, and casual meetups. They also promote several fundraising gaming events. It’s an exceptional organization. http://www.meetup.com/Raleigh-Tabletop-Roleplayers/
Megan – Aser and I participated in Extra Life this last year, which uses games to raise money for charity, specifically sick kids.
Mike G. – A local gaming group, COWS (Chicagoland Order of Weekend Screwballs), frequently gathers food during the holidays for local food kitchens during its conventions.
Patrick – I’m terrible, but I really don’t have much of an answer for this. I know there have been a few local tourneys to raise money for breast cancer research, as well as a local company that replaced a collection of miniatures that was stolen from a well known member of the Warmachine community.
Phil – Brought us together – Megan and Aser. You rock!

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  1. Good stuff here, I particularly like the sound of the COWS program – that is excellent! I can’t believe this is the first I am hearing of Extra Life today; another amazing global action by gamers.

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