TRF’s Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 8, Ghosts

On the Eighth Day of Christmas
My GM gave to me,
Eight ghosts a-haunting,
Seven mi-go’s buzzing,
Six vampires drinking,
Five meepin’ ghouls!
Four terror birds,
Three planetvores,
Two orks choppin’,
And dread Cthulhu dreaming ‘neath the sea.

A hand appears through opaque glass

Wouldn’t you know it, our little horror-themed actual play podcast on occasion features a ghost or two. From haunts in Pathfinder that provoke suicide, to down on their luck taxidermists who don’t realize they’re dead, we’ve had a few run ins with the living impaired this year.

Ghosts can be scary for any number of reasons, from simple jump scares to expressions of personal regret or helplessness. The ghosts we’ve encountered lately have been more in the human interest category, though there was that one that made a PC commmit suicide: that was pretty funny right?

Given how often they turn up in practically every RPG in some form or another, I’d expect more haunting for the foreseeable future.

You can find ghosts in Scary on the Choo-Choo, A Rune Awakening, and Megan Encounters.

TRF’s Twelve Days of Christmas

Aser is a visually impaired attorney and assistive technology instructor that started playing RPGs shortly before the podcast's founding. He ran our games of The Strange and Night's Black Agents, and is an advocate for accessibility in gaming. His gaming interests tend towards mythos horror, investigation, espionage, and military role-playing games.

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