Old Gods of the North: The Madman

Image used by permission from Miklós Kónya

\When investigating strange legends in the Northeast, Elizabeth Childs and Humphrey Atkinson find more then they could have ever expected.

The events of this investigation are spun from a scenario seed found in the Call of Cthulhu 4th Edition Rulebook copyright 1989.

ERRORS: As we’re sure someone (and by someone we mean everyone) will point out, the official rules for Call of Cthulhu state explicitly that an attack roll for a shotgun blast cannot be impaled. We stand by the result pursuant to the Rule of Cool.

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CREDITS: WARNING! May contain spoilers
Port_City_Music_-_29_-_Night_Terrors from ‘Silber Sounds of Halloween’

Cave music: La Desunion_-_02_-_Black_Museum from ‘My God is a Gun’

Drive into Jennings: “If This Dream Could Talk (Massimo ”Nheap” Discepoli RMX)” from ‘Sétamùr: Remix Eye Movement’

The sound of Elizabeth’s car starting and driving away at the top of Bell Mountain was taken from: 193780__jhumbucker__geo-prizm-interior-takeoff-and-drive-around-1.wav
The sound of Elizabeth’s car hitting something was 144113__avakas__man-hit-by-car.wav
Mi-go buzzing was taken from: Animals131.mp3
The freezing effect was from: 192415__urupin__fast-freezing-ice.flac
The sound of Harney’s truck starting up and following in pursuit was: 195456__phenoxy__dieselcarthrottles2.wav
The sound of Harney shooting at Trooper Atkinson and Elizabeth was taken from: 148841__cedarstudios__shotgun-targetside.mp3
The sound of Elizabeth shooting back at Harney was taken from: 145209__lensflare8642__shotgun-sounds.mp3
The sound of Harney’s wreck was from: 136629__smmassuda__crashing.wav
The sound of wind in the night was from: 212081__conleec__barn-wind-005.wav
The ambulance heard in the convoy traveling to Jennings is from: 147933__bmoreno__0111-ambulance.wav
The police cars racing by in the same scene are from: 165166__goose278__8-police-cars-passing-w-sirens.wav
The sound of emergency vehicles heard when reporting to the sheriff are from: 121814__cognito-perceptu__rescue-sounds.wav

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