#RPGaDay2015 9: Favorite Media you wish was an RPG

Last year we celebrated Autocratik’s #RPGaDay, where we spend a month celebrating RPGs, discussing what we love and what we love about them. Here are the responses of the TRF crew. Be sure to tweet, blog, or post your own with the #RPGaDay!

For August 9, What is your favorite media you wish was an RPG?

Aser: I’d like to see another Star Trek RPG, old continuity of course.
Chuck: What hasn’t been made into a RPG yet?
John: The Dark Crystal and Trans-Formers.
Jonn: I can’t think of one that isn’t a RPG already. I would be surprised if even MSNBC, Fox News or CNN lacked a TTRPG. -_-
Landan: Well I think with the Cypher System Rulebook being as open ended as it seems so far most things you can make into one if you either can’t find a system or don’t like the one that was created.
Matt: I’m sure it exists and I just haven’t seen it, but I would enjoy a Star Trek RPG. I’ve only given the Firefly RPG a cursory glance, but I’ve toyed with the idea of trying to reskin it to fit more of a Star Trek aesthetic
Megan: I would love to play a game in Rapture or Columbia. I love the Bioshock worlds and it would be a lot of fun.
Patrick: The Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher
Rob: Gravity Falls

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