#RPGaDay2015 27: Favorite Idea for Merging Two Games into One

Last year we celebrated Autocratik’s #RPGaDay, where we spend a month celebrating RPGs, discussing what we love and what we love about them. Here are the responses of the TRF crew. Be sure to tweet, blog, or post your own with the #RPGaDay!

For August 27, What is your favorite idea for merging two games into one?
Aser: My favorite idea is something we’re doing currently actually. The party from our Mysteries of the Ninth World campaign is going to step into The Strange. 🙂 It was Megan’s idea and I was foolish enough to add fuel to the fire.
Chuck: I thought mixing The Strange with Numenera would be fun, turns out, there were some problems.
John: The Strange makes that very possible. Or introducing the Cthulhu Mythos into Eclipse Phase.
Jonn: A setting inspired by Earthdawn and Fallout. Where the cataclysm occurred during the pre-Columbian period. Places like the Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde, Tulum, Chichen Itza were constructed to be vaults and the PCs would come from and/or be exploring these locations.
Landan: I am not sure maybe two parallel universes all of a sudden start to merge… I have no clue.
Matt: I’d love to have a game that incorporated vehicle combat well, whether that was spaceships, car chases, etc. that lets the PCs work together in a meaningful way.
Megan: I don’t think there are a lot of game systems I really want to merge into one. But I love the idea of merging worlds together (which the Strange does beautifully). I’m playing with this concept in my Numenera game, by bringing the Strange into it.
Patrick: Aces and Eights and Deadlands.

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