#RPGaDay2015 30: Favorite RPG playing celebrity

Last year we celebrated Autocratik’s #RPGaDay, where we spend a month celebrating RPGs, discussing what we love and what we love about them. Here are the responses of the TRF crew. Be sure to tweet, blog, or post your own with the #RPGaDay!

For August 30, Who is your favorite RPG playing celebrity?
Aser: Harry Dresden ummm, I guess I mean Jim Butcher.
Chuck: Vin Diesel
John: Vin Diesel maybe.
Jonn: Wil Wheaton. I’m really liking Titansgrave. I probably would have waffled between Vin Diesel and Wil Wheaton otherwise.
Landan: Wil Wheaton
Matt: Stephen Colbert. He is so unapologetically geeky about Lord of the Rings and D&D references. It is a delight to watch.
Megan: Well, Vin Diesel obviously.
Patrick: Brian Posehn
Rob: Tie between Blaine Capatch and Vin Diesel

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