#RPGaDay 7: What aspect of RPGs has had the biggest effect on you?

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Each year we celebrate Autocratik’s #RPGaDay, where we spend a month celebrating RPGs, discussing what we love and what we love about them. Here are the responses of the TRF crew. Be sure to tweet, blog, or post your own with the #RPGaDay!

For August 7, what aspect of RPGs has had the biggest effect on you?

Aser – I love the potential RPGs have for building up a person’s interpersonal skills in a supportive and safe environment. That isn’t always the case of course, but I’ve found many of the groups I’ve played in have done wonders for the people in them. I think this is particularly ironic given the anti-social stigma that was attached to the hobby for so long.
John D. – Meeting new people, and playing different characters with different worldviews and experiences.
Landan – It helps me be more social I think.
Megan – The people. Of course RPGs are a large part of what brought Aser and I together, and because of that I’ve (happily) had a lot of major life changes over the past few years.
Mike G. – The community. It’s great to have folks that you can spend that much time with that all enjoy the game. It is both great (when everyone is having a good time and contributed) or awful (when you have  those who are not engaged).
Patrick – The practice of giving life to fictional beings and trying to think in their shoes. To try and hold to a set of ideals that are not my own and exist within that paradigm. The real philosophical biz.
Phil – Connecting with friends.

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