Shadow of the Century

Framed for crimes they didn’t commit, an unlikely team comes together to fight against evil, clear their names, and dramatically walk away from explosions.

GM: Aser
Players: Jonn, Kim, Megan, and Nyssa.
System: Shadow of the Century

Special thanks to our Agent+ patrons: Ben, Bernie, Chris, Denise, Eric, Fandible, John, Jonn, LordTentacle, Nyssa, Patrick, Slacker Initiative, Stuart, Terryann, and Tom.

Music from
“Neo Western” by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (

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Review: Shadow of the Century

The very first example of Fate in play I ever heard was an absolutely over-the-top pulp melee recorded by Role Playing Public Radio. It’s hard to believe how long ago that was. Unfortunately, we’ve never managed to sit down and record any games of this work that’s cast such a long shadow, if you’ll pardon the pun, across the tabletop gaming landscape. We’ve played a lot of Fate over the years though, and loved it every time. So, it was with a fair measure of excitement and trepidation that we greeted the announcement of Shadow of the Century. Now, having sat down with the book and put a few hours into some very gonzo gameplay, I can say that the excitement was totally justified, and I think this game is a worthy descendant that captures an entirely new genre while remaining true to The Spirit of the Century.

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