Interview with Rob Stith of The Orpheus Protocol and Seraph Films

Aser and Megan had the chance to chat with Rob Stith from The Orpheus Protocol and Seraph Films about his Actual Play podcast, game system in development, and kickstarter that is currently running! You can find Rob on Twitter, on the Orpheus Protocol website, where you can find the in development rules for the game and listen to episodes.

*Note* The Orpheus Protocol is currently experiencing some problems with iTunes, so if you look for it there or in the iOS Podcast app, you’re going to end up with a podcast feed for Moron Gaming. You can access the episode by using a different app.

Rob is also one of the writers for The Nightmare Gallery, a horror film starring Amber Benson, where she plays a professor searching for the truth about a student who went missing three years earlier. The kickstarter is running through July 4! Please check it out for all kinds of cool rewards.

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Interview: Untold: Adventure Awaits Kickstarter

All the components that come in Untold. There's a board, story cubes, cards, character sheets, and tokens.
I had the chance to talk to Michael Fox from The Creativity Hub about their new game Untold: Adventures Await, which allows you to build an RPG game out of Story Cubes. You can pull in any Story Cubes you want, and there are a lot of options out there already! The variety of cubes will make it easy for me to run the Batman hospital drama I’ve always wanted to try. But seriously, this looks like a great way to have an evening of wacky fun and you should check it out on Kickstarter!

Tell us a little bit about yourself! When did you start getting into games?
So, I’m Michael Fox, I’m a game designer, sometime publisher, podcaster and occasional writer. I’ve run my own site (called The Little Metal Dog Show) and an accompanying podcast for the past eight years or so where I get to interview all manner of folks from the tabletop industry. For now though, I’m currently working with The Creativity Hub over here in Belfast, Northern Ireland, helping them make games that are not only great to play, but also have a bit more meaning under the surface.
I started getting into games as a kid with the classic nerd titles – Hero Quest was a major influence on me. I’d play it myself with solo rules that I ‘developed’ – basically, making stuff up as I went along, stuff that felt right from a story point of view. That morphed into actual rulesets for other games, and then I grew up, discovered music and girls, and forgot about games until around 2000. I stumbled across a tiny game store in Sydney, Australia, saw the kinds of things on offer there, and was kind of hooked. From then on… well, it’s all been cardboard and meeples and dice.

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Interview: Ether Wars

Ether Wars promo image. Shows the game with a nebula in the background

We got the chance to talk to Burning Games and Ether Dev about their new Kickstarter for Ether Wars. This game didn’t fund last time, but have made some changes to make it more appealing to players! We talked to them about the original game, and are really excited to see them to re-launch with Burning Games!

1) Give us the ‘elevator pitch’ for Ether Wars. What sort of games is it similar too, and what’s the setting like?

It’s a sci-fi game of area control and worker placement with a twist: all your troops are represented by dice. You must place, move and roll the dice to defeat your opponents and obtain 5 pieces of Ether, the mythical power source. It has stunning art and nuanced and addictive gameplay.

2) It’s really great to see Burning Games and Ether Dev working together, how did this come about?

A couple of years ago we were demoing FAITH in a big even in our hometown. The developers of Ether Wars happened to be doing the same, and we had a chance to exchange plays and ideas. Some months later, when their game failed to meet the goal on Kickstarter, we decided to try to bring it back at the right time, which is now!

3) You’re halfway funded with 24 days left, how does that feel? What kind of feedback have you received?

A Kickstarter campaign is one of the most exhilarating things you can do, this side of bungee jumping. Backers are very enthusiastic and always eager to help, and their feedback has been very positive. We have polished the game following their advice and it really shows. Now we have to keep spreading the word and make sure as many people as possible hear about the game to complete the campaign in style.

4) What changes have you made that you think will help Ether Wars fund?

The main change is that now the English and Spanish editions are completely independent. Before, each card had info on both languages, which was a huge turnoff for many players. Apart from that, we have tweaked the graphic design and overall style of the game, and have implemented our logistical knowledge (gathered with FAITH) to lower the costs and the Kickstarter goal.

5) Do Ether Wars and Faith: the Sci-Fi RPG share the same artists/art director? We see a similar aesthetic.

Many people ask us that, but funnily enough there is no connection at all between the games. They were born apart and brought together by serendipity well after the main art was created for both. I think we may share similar sources of inspiration, though. Don’t we all?

6) Are there any plans for future expansions for the board game? Any possible tie-in with FAITH?

If Ether Wars is successfully funded we will definitely keep creating content for it. The final word is the developers’, though, and we will heed their vision for the future of the game. As for FAITH tie-ins, it’s unlikely at this point. We will create boardgames based on that Universe, but they will be tailor-made to ensure that they fit in the lore of the game.

7) If this venture is successful, do you plan on future partnerships with local or international game designers as publishers?

Yes, this is something we really want to do, find games that suit our brand and give them a fair chance in the market.

8) Where can we see or play a demo of the game?

Undead Viking did a very nice overview of the main mechanics of the game and thinks its the perfect entry point for everyone.

9) What is your personal favorite mechanic or aspect of the game?

Battles are super fun and very physical. Opponents throw their dice (oftentimes a handful of them) and count the dots. Some of the dots are blank to begin with but can be powered up, event cards can be used at any time, the faction’s special abilities may be triggered… there are several mechanics that add tension to a fight, and it’s definitely our favorite part of the game.

10) What are your reward levels?

We have kept things simple: you can select the English edition or Spanish edition of the game. And of course there’s a bulk-order option!

11) Any thing else we should know about Ether Wars?

It’s a fantastic game that will hook all your gaming group in seconds. Also, it’s a passion project by two incredibly committed gamers and we think their efforts deserve to be brought to reality.

12) Could you tell us about a stretch goal you’re particularly excited about?

We have announced the first few, and the most interesting of them are the Ether Gems, a Kickstarter exclusive goal. Ether is such an important asset that it deserves to be special on the table!

13) Where can we find you on Twitter or Facebook, or anywhere else on the web?

We welcome everyone to our social media- Twitter and Facebook.

You can find Ether Wars on Kickstarter and add it to your own collection!

Interview with Jonathan Tweet about Clades, the Evolutionary Card Game

We sit down with Jonathan Tweet to talk about Clades, an educational card game to teach children (and adults!) a little bit more about evolution. We’re also joined by Jeromy French.

You can find Clades on Kickstarter until December 6, 2016. You can find more information about the game and Grandmother Fish at the Grandmother Fish website. You can also follow Jonathan on Twitter!

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The World of Aetaltis Kickstarter Interview with Marc Tassin

World of Aetaltis kickstarter image

We sat down with Marc Tassin of Mechanical Muse to learn more about his new Kickstarter for The World of Aetaltis, a 5e setting. We learned a lot about the new world and denizens of Thornwall, as well as the really great ideas Marc and his team have put together for magic and downtime. I’m really excited for when we can get our hands on these books because I think the ideas will really help to make 5e even better.

Interested in Aetaltis? You can find them online here, or check our their Twitter Feed. The Kickstarter has launched and will be running until October 11.

Red Markets Interview

We sit down over Skype with Caleb Stokes, the creator of Red Markets, a new RPG about economic horror and zombies. Since we recorded this, he’s blown through several more stretch goals, so check it out on Kickstarter and follow him on Twitter for more information.

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Lil’ Cthulhu Interview

Lil' Cthulhu throws a tantrum

We talked to Richard Laufenburger of De-Evolution Studios about their new Kickstarter for the card game Lil’ Cthulhu. This competitive card game challenges you to get Lil’ Cthulhu his toys before he throws a tantraum, causing you sanity loss. You can check out the game on Kickstarter and you really should!

Interview with Jaye Foster from 6d6 RPG

Art from the kickstarter depicting seas monsters around a Greek ship with mountains in the background

We had the pleasure of talking to Jaye Foster from 6d6 RPG about the system and their new Kickstarter for Age of Legends. You can learn more about the 6d6 system on their website. We really love the inspiration of this setting and the ease of play of the system. Check it out before the Kickstarter ends on December 5!

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Interview: Shane Ivey on Delta Green

We are extremely grateful to Shane Ivey for taking time out of his schedule to answer some of the questions we had about Delta Green and the current Kickstarter campaign. TRF is a huge fan of Delta Green, and a lot of our material is inspired by the awesome conspiracy/mythos blend it presents. You can find the Kickstarter here! Also, we’re releasing a play through of the scenario Last Things Last on Sunday, so you can see how we deal with being tasked with a mission.

What led to Delta Green becoming a stand-alone RPG? What are some changes you are making to Call of Cthulhu to make the system work better for Delta Green?

Delta Green has always been a series of sourcebooks for Call of Cthulhu, and every one of the Delta Green developers have always loved Call of Cthulhu as their favorite game. But Delta Green has always emphasized things a little differently than Call of Cthulhu. It’s set in the present day. There’s not the same distance between the players and their characters as when modern-day gamers play 1920s academics and explorers.

Delta Green is about realistic people in our own modern world. Even when its protagonists are federal agents and special forces operators, they’re meant to feel and act like real people with real vulnerabilities. All too many of us personally know people who have been exposed to the terrible traumas of violence. We’ve seen the long-term toll it takes on the individual psyche and on family. Delta Green is a game about brave men and women who choose to confront overwhelming terror and trauma to keep it away from their loved ones. It was critically important to Delta Green’s developers that the game respect the real-world price that people pay for making that choice by reflecting it in the rules and game-play.

Man looks worried as he raises his gone, floating orange jellyfish like creatures are behind him. So Delta Green characters have Sanity Points and Hit Points, as you’d expect, but they also have other features that come into play in long-term games. Bonds are your two or three most important human relationships. They can protect you from losing Sanity Points and they can help you control yourself when your Sanity snaps, but relying on them too much weakens them. The shared traumas of a Delta Green mission often causes agents to develop new Bonds with each other, which in turn weakens their Bonds back home.

There’s an optional rule for tracking Work Performance, which could result in your agent getting fired for bringing too much baggage home from Delta Green missions, and which in turn can damage your Bonds. There’s an optional rule for detailing what kind of equipment and tools your agent can obtain. Trying to get too much too quickly can impact your Work Performance if it’s on the job or it can damage Bonds if you’re burning through your own money.

The core mechanics received some tweaking, too, to suit the way we want Delta Green to run.
Most actions revolve around skills that have percentile ratings, as before. But we encourage the GM to not bother having players roll dice for their skills at all unless the situation is a crisis or otherwise out of the agents’ control. In the slow investigative scenes that usually begin a mission, just look to the rating of a skill. Tell the player if the agent understands or finds what they’re looking for, or tell the player that they need someone with greater expertise. Leave the dice for events that SHOULD feel random, like using a skill in a crisis or interacting with unpredictable non-player characters. That way when your expert with a 65% skill fails the roll a third of the time, it makes sense. That was a terrible crisis — it would have been impressive to succeed at all!

We’ve tightened up the way combat works to make violence swift, brutal, suspenseful, and unforgiving, while leaving many core issues firmly in the hands of the GM to allow room for common sense at the table.

We’ve revised the way Sanity Points work, and the way characters develop mental disorders, to suit the way we want the game to run and to better reflect the way these disorders work in the real world. In Delta Green, an agent can gain a long-term disorder over a long period of time due to a slow accumulation of stresses and traumas. And sharp moments of overwhelming, immediate terror can cause a short-term loss of control as the “fight or flight” response kicks in.

We want the way things happen in the game world to feel like they would happen in the real world. That makes unnatural horrors have even greater impact.

Is there a threshold of success for the Kickstarter that could lead Arc Dream to think it viable to restart the Delta Green line beyond this project?

At this point (Friday afternoon, Oct. 23) we’re less than $300 away from hitting 600% of the goal that we set to relaunch the game line. So yeah, it’s launched. Just from this project’s fundraising we’ll publish:

-The Agent’s Handbook (the core rules for players without much information about the setting or the supernatural).
-The Case Officer’s Handbook (everything in the Agent’s Handbook plus tons of information about the setting, the supernatural, the Cthulhu Mythos, cults and factions, and customizing any or all of it to keep players guessing).
-A Game Moderator’s Screen with quickstart rulebook, sample characters, and a scenario.
-Impossible Landscapes (a campaign and sourcebook about Carcosa and the King in Yellow).
-Control Group (an introductory campaign built to bring newcomers into the game).
-More than a dozen downloads, including six scenarios.
-Conversions of nine scenarios written for earlier editions.
-And it looks like we’ll hit the next big stretch goal to unlock yet another big book, Deep State, which will detail the secret government programs and private-public partnerships that surround and bedevil Delta Green.

What we publish beyond those six books depends on how the game line performs over the next year or so. We have enough ideas to keep going for years as long as gamers stay with us.

Which of the proposed source books are you most excited to see released?

Two men look out of a helicopter a flying tentacled monster who is staring back at them with it's one eyeThe Case Officer’s Handbook, though if the terminology matters it’s a core game book and not a sourcebook. It includes the rules engine that Greg, Dennis and I have been working on for years as well as great resources for building a Delta Green campaign as a world filled with secrets, so even the most die-hard, well-read player will always be surprised and frightened.

Of the sourcebooks proper, I personally most look forward to Deep State. That book will let us really dig into the core philosophical issues that have always been at the root of Delta Green: the risks and benefits of power and secrecy, and the ways we change as individuals and as a culture when we come to accept things that we once found abhorrent. Those issues are even more relevant today than in the Nineties when Delta Green first appeared.

How did you decide to add a Gumshoe version of Delta Green to this Kickstarter? Are you planning to continue a relationship with Pelgrane for Delta Green materials?

We know Simon Rogers and the Pelgrane crew very well. Kenneth Hite, author of Trail of Cthulhu and Night’s Black Agents, is one of the developers of Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. Simon and Ken came to me with the idea of a Gumshoe version of some kind. I loved the idea and ran it by the Delta Green Partnership (the creators and owners of the Delta Green property: Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, and John Scott Tynes). There was immediate and unanimous enthusiasm. The rest was just hammering out details.

Pelgrane plans The Fall of Delta Green and if that does well a supplement to it, probably a scenario collection. We’ll see how things stand after those come out.

What do you think has lead to Delta Green’s enduring appeal?
A large part of it has always been the setting — the non-player characters that players encounter in the game. Delta Green has always featured factions and actors who are well-rounded and interesting. Even the clear villains are three-dimensional characters. You may not find their aims and methods sympathetic, but you can see why they make the choices they make. Even when that choice is to throw the rest of humanity on a bonfire for the sake of just a little more life.

Delta Green is about characters who feel real, in a world that feels real, encountering unreal cosmic horrors that are entirely beyond their capacity to understand or confront. It’s about player characters who stand up as long and bravely as they can in the face of the death that the universe wants to inflict on us all. Delta Green agents are incredible not because they’re so much more dangerous or lucky or bad-ass than everyone else, but because they are not any of those things — and yet they stand and fight.

That means Delta Green does not pull punches. It does not offer second chances. It doesn’t give your character any points to spend for plot immunity. If you step into the darkness, you take your chances. It is incredibly suspenseful and chilling.


Again, a huge thanks to Shane Ivey for his team, and all the people at Arc-Dream who are making it possible to get a chance to get this amazing product. There are tiers to get whatever you want, including, hardback books, PDFs, and releases of previous Arc-Dream materials. You can check out the Kickstarter, the website, or find Shane Ivey on Twitter. You can also find Delta Green @DeltaGreenRPG. Want to help spread the word and get more rewards? Look at some of the ways listed here! The campaign runs through October 29th, so get your pledge in while you can.

Don’t forget to listen to this Sunday’s episode to hear more about Delta Green!

RPG Academy Interview

Caleb and Michael from RPG Academy were kind enough to come talk to us about RPG Academy, their upcoming convention AcadeCon, and their Kickstarter. Look for their Kickstarter on August 6, or you can find them at, @TheRPGAcademy, @TheCalebG, or @AcadeCon.

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